Visit Denali National Park

Visit Denali STATE Park (a great but lesser known park!)

Hiking (in the Alaska Range, along the Denali, Parks, just about anywhere!)

Pick wild blueberries (please see cool pics tab)

Jet Boat Tours




Photograph Mt. McKinley

Drive the Denali Highway*

Drive the Dalton Highway*


* The Denali and Dalton Highways are two of the best of Alaska's wilderness highways. Both are largely unpaved. The Denali, listed as #2 of the world's best drives by National Geographic (, runs 135 miles, from Cantwell to Paxson, through some of the world's most scenic country, very wild and remote. The Dalton, also beautiful and even wilder, starts near Livengood, about 230 miles north of Cantwell, and runs 415 miles north, across mighty Yukon River, the Arctic Circle, the fabled Brooks Range (the northern terminus of the Rocky Mountains), over the Antigun Pass, and across the North Slope to the town of Deadhorse on the Arctic Ocean (if you drive the Dalton, please see our LINKS page for a great place to stay - the Boreal Lodge). Please be advised that if you plan to rent a car, many car rentals (esp. the large companies) will not permit their cars on gravel highways such as the Denali and Dalton. Therefore, when making a car rental reservation, we suggest you check with the car rental company regarding their gravel road policies.


 (Mt. McKinley as taken from the Parks Highway at the Jack River Bridge, about 1 mile south of the BluesBerry Inn)