Trail Maps

Except for spur trails, these trail maps are all of PUBLIC ACCESS trails, meaning one does not have to request private landowner permission where the trail crosses private property. However, to avoid trespassing on private property, where the private landowner has posted NO TRESPASSING type signs, one MUST stay on the marked trail: Such trails will generally be marked with public easement markers.


Wolf Point - one of Buckwheat's favorites. Nice views. Difficulty: Moderate. Plan on 2 to 3 hours round trip (4.9 miles). This is grizzly bear habitat, wild country. Easy to get lost in, especially during winter. Crosses Ahtna lands, so be careful not to trespass. Eventually enters BLM lands. Very nice trail but there are 3 "water hazards" to cross (the BLM eliminated water hazard #1). Popular snow machine trail in winter, ATV trail in summer (they can churn up a lot of mud). Hunters use it a lot.  But hiking is best!



Windy Creek Trail - the back way into Denali National Park. Difficulty: Moderate. Plan on 3 to 4 hours round trip (7 miles). This is grizzly bear habitat, wild country. Crosses private lands, so be careful not to trespass. If you take any spur trails where there are no public easement markers, be sure to get landowner permission. Eventually enters Denali National Park (1.7 miles from trailhead). Very nice trail but there can be lots of mud the first mile or so. (Note: NPS notification and permission MAY be required; check with the Park Headquarters for more info.)

 Little Coal Creek Trail - one of Alaska's best! In Denali State Park, one of Alaska's "undiscovered" gems. Parking fee $5, but well worth it. Be sure to sign the log book about 100 yards past the trailhead. Grizzly bear country. Fantastic double decker beaver dam. Great views of Mt. McKinley (and just south at Denali View Campground North).